Family Owned and Operated Since 1967


A Proud History

On September 27, 1967, Rex & Bertha Huffman and Joe Rex & Rebecca Huffman of Huffman Drilling merged with Roger and Judy Bowers of Bowers Drilling to form Huffman-Bowers, Inc. Huffman-Bowers, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that was built on loyalty and quality services. After 45 years of the ups and downs of the oil and gas business, the company has not only maintained the foundation upon which it was built, but has also expanded and grown into a successful oil and gas business in Southeastern Ohio.

Huffman-Bowers, Inc. is currently run by Barry Bowers, son of Rodger and Judy, and Barry’s three sons Joshua, Jared and Jacob. The company currently operates 140 wells, including an injection well in Gallia County, two service rigs and a drilling rig.  There are 14 people currently on the payroll.  Huffman-Bowers, Inc. takes great pride in saying that we have an excellent business reputation with all the State of Ohio Agencies as well as other businesses that we have conducted business with locally and state wide.

Date Unknown
January 1960
April 18, 1967
Rex Huffman of Huffman Drilling, pictured on the left

Bowers Drilling Unit : Model # S-33 Serial # 1303

Rodger Bowers middle L & Joe Rex Huffman middle R at a conference in Oklahoma

Barry Bowers working on a drilling rig at the early age of 10.